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About Us

Laura (Claire) Frizzell, Trainer

(She/Her), Ph.D.

Laura is a passionate dog trainer and behavior consultant who applies fear- and force-free methods. Originally a scientist by training, she is adamant about using only humane, science-backed methods and staying current with emerging research. She specializes in modifying aggression, reactivity, and anxiety, but she also provides services to prevent these, including basic and advanced manners and comprehensive puppy-raising.


She is a student of The Academy for Dog Trainers, a graduate of the comprehensive Aggression in Dogs Master Course, and fear-free certified. She is an avid rescue supporter and volunteers for Bullied Breeds RescueRescue Inc., Brown Dog Coalition, and Rescue Allies. Laura's favorite treat is a summer fruit salad and her favorite activities are a game of fetch on the beach or a long walk in the woods with her heart dog, Kevin.

LCF KTD_edited.jpg

Kevin the Dog, Assistant

Kevin The Dog (affectionally known as KTD) is Laura's 3-year-old rescue shepherd mix and an advocate for rescue dogs everywhere. He came to Laura via Mississippi as a teenager who struggled to adapt to home living. Today, he does human therapy work and often accompanies Laura to appointments when a helper dog is needed. His favorite treat is a frozen peanut butter Kong and his favorite activities are wading in the water and working, working, working (did he mention he likes to work?).


Training Philosophy

About Me

The science is clear: force- and fear-free training is the most effective and humane way to train your dog - from basic life skills to modifying serious aggression. I work to empower people and their dogs to live their lives to the fullest through education and rewards-based training. All of my methods are based on proven, peer-reviewed science - there is no magic here! I approach all clients as the experts on their own dogs and as collaborative team members in their care, training, and behavior modification. I also collaborate with a pup's full care team as needed, including veterinarians, daycares, walkers, and sitters.


All training starts with a free initial phone consultation where we will discuss what brings you to training and your goals for you and your dog. We will then determine what method of training is most appropriate to reach your goals: virtual or in person, one-on-one private lessons or day training. Phone calls are followed up with an email containing initial, personalized recommendations and a recommended plan to move forward.


I do not believe in the use of aversive tools that rely on pain, such as prong, choke, or electric shock collars, or fear, such as spray bottles or "pet corrector" sprays. While these tools can often seem to offer a "quick fix" to behaviors such as leash pulling and reactivity, overwhelming evidence suggests they can exacerbate the underlying issue, deteriorate your dog's relationship with you, and cause additional behavioral issues to develop, including new or worsening aggression. Thus, I ask that dogs not be wearing these tools during our training sessions; doing so would be a disservice to your dog and to you, who is paying money for competent, evidence-based advice and help! However, I firmly believe that most people try to do the best for their dogs with the information and tools they have available, and I will never shame or judge dog guardians for the types of training they have previously done/are currently doing with their dog. If you have worked with these tools in the past and are interested in transitioning to a force-free relationship and evidence-based training with your dog, I would love to talk with you!

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