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If you're looking for someone to help with training or boarding your pets, All Dogs Are Good Dogs is the best decision you can make - for you and your pets.  

Laura does an outstanding job caring for my dog. She treats him better than any other trainer I’ve worked with. She also understands his behaviors very well, goes into explaining everything to me quite clearly, and does so in a way that gives both me and my dog the best chances for success every time.  And all in a 100% positive environment. 

I go through extreme measures to make sure my dog is happy which is why I feel so comfortable working with and even leaving my dogs with All Dogs are Good Dogs. They treat my dog with the same love and care that he gets at home. Maybe more. 

- Matt (Milo The Dog)


I adopted Daisy the dog, who was one of Laura's foster dogs. She came to me sweet but scared, nervous about everything. Laura worked miracles with her. She helped get her leash trained and recommended a harness to mitigate pulling. She has endless patience and teaches with love, not with pain. Daisy was afraid of men, bicycles, baby carriages, loud noises, joggers, you name it. A year later she will greet men on her own and now we are just down to helping her get over loud vehicles that accelerate when going past her (e.g., motorcycles, delivery trucks). 


Laura is passionate about animals and fosters cats as well as dogs. She keeps Daisy at her house when I'm away, and always makes sure to send pictures and tell me what good things she did or learned during the day. Dogs make Laura smile. She is rewarded when they accomplish their goals, and patient when they don't quite get it yet. Laura treats all dogs like they are her dogs, with love and caring. She has a knack for training dogs, and it is always with kindness.

- Kathy (Daisy The Dog)


Laura is driven by data and stays up to date on the most current science of dog training. She also is a person who will go above and beyond to support you and your dog training journey. She also provides lots of resources throughout the training. I’ve utilized both her in person private classes, day school, overnights and board & train options and can’t recommend working with yer enough!! Additional as someone who identifies as queer & fat Im beyond grateful for her inclusivity & people skills.

- Hannah (Cooper & Bumper The Dogs)

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